How It Works

Forethink is built on two fundamental principals:

  1. It should be easier to find, and use, content you need for work and projects, and
  2. Data should stay with you, the rightful data owner.

The web app age of work has created an explosion of places were relevant documents, emails, notes, chats, sites visted, files, and many other pieces of content are filed away and stored. Retreiving and utilizing this information is the cornerstone of knowledge work and it is only becoming increasingly difficult.

The application

Forethink is a browser extension that facilitates discovery and utilization across all of the places where you have content. The system queries the different systems you use, optimized for each source, and creates a registery of documents that is stored only on your local computer. The search results across your sources are displayed in the browser window as an overlay that is available to you no matter what page you visit, making content available to you in any context.

Our system is built to reduce information overload and eliminate unnecessary context switching.

Data ownership

Additionally, other than the search queries themselves, user authentication, and user behavior feedback, no network traffic is created by the Forethink extension. Any data that is used by Forethink stays, physically, with you, the user. For more specific detail, please see our privacy policy.