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Forethink Enterprise

The ultra-scalable, private and secure AI-powered knowledge management and delivery solution for your enterprise.

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Unlock the value in the fragmented communications and knowledge of your workforce with Forethink as the integration layer.

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Maximize value from mountains of unstructured and unmanaged data

Your company's institutional knowledge and real time communications spread across multiple walled gardens, synthesized and accessible from a single interface.

Forethink uses contextual triggers to overlay hyper-relevant links and answers, for better informed communications and decision-making.

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Privately. Securely. Responsibly.

Forethink operates locally on each employee's computer and inherets existing permissions, meeting or exceeding your standards for data governance and security.

Forethink only facilitates knowledge management and distribution without having to store company and private data on cloud servers.

Ultra-scalable and customizable. Ready to use right out of the box.

Utilize existing IT to deploy at scale to firm hardware with the push of a few buttons.

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Seamless integration with your most used applications.

Employees and teams get more work done faster with Forethink.

  • Instant access to hyper-relevant information: Forethink intuitively surfaces the information they need when they need it whether it's from private, company, public sources or a combination of all three.
  • A better way to ChatGPT: ChatGPT integration allows employees to ask about anything - including their own and the company's digital history.
  • Improved workflow and focus: Forethink meets your employees right where they are to streamline workflows and employee focus. No more context switching, bouncing from application to application or navigating from tab to tab.
  • Enhanced teamwork and collaboration: Forethink automatically brings awareness and visibility to relevant communications taking place throughout the enterprise.
  • Less redundancy and duplication of effort: Employees are now more aware of the relevant knowledge that already exists and are less likely to reinvent the wheel.

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